2020 Dems Grow Desperate as They Announce Their Latest Scheme

Image Source: National Insiders

With the 2020 Election around the corner, Democrats vying for the nomination are doing all they can to win votes. None of them can convince voters they can beat Donald Trump. So, they are throwing out wild promises to liberals—if they make it to the White House. Their latest plans seek to completely destroy the Supreme Court.

One of the most crucial issues we faced in 2016 was the fate of the Supreme Court. Whoever was going to become the next president already had one vacancy to fill—that of the late Scalia’s seat. Most people agreed the next president would fill another seat and perhaps a third—before they left office.

That would be a massive win for whichever party took the White House. Thank God, Donald Trump was elected president. You might not like his personality, his anti-PC style, or bold mannerisms. But because he’s a conservative, he has been appointing Constitutionally-minded justices to our court.

Had Hillary been elected… I shudder to think what kind of radical, left-wing maniacs would be sitting on the SCOTUS right now.

With the appointment of Brett Kavanaugh, the Supreme Court enjoys a conservative majority. Should Ruth Bader Ginsburg retire, as is likely, Trump will be able to appointing a third justice. That will ensure the court’s conservative leaning for the next thirty years. Add to that Trump’s reshaping of lower federal courts, liberals have lost one of the their most important weapons in damaging our country and way of life.

Democrats are powerless to stop this, thanks to Trump and his Republican majority in the Senate. But have no fear! 2020 Democrats are already sharpening their knives, making plans to ruin the third branch of our federal government.

They are proposing radical changes to the Supreme Court to both get rid of Trump’s conservative majority and give Democrats a massive lead.

The most frequently heard proposals seek to add two or more Supreme Court seats to the nine that have been the rule since 1869. The underlying assumption behind this court packing is that a Democratic president would be in place to fill the new seats with liberal justices.

Other proposals include term limits for the justices (typically 18 years) and combinations of the two ideas, such as 2020 Democratic presidential contender Peter Buttigieg’s plan. Unlike additional seats, term limits would likely require a constitutional amendment depending on how they are implemented. [Source: Fox News]

Some of the plans 2020 Democrats want to impose would create term limits or add two more justices to the court. Both of these are attempts to get rid of the justices appointed by Donald Trump. Justices serve for life, unless they retire. Term limits would force them out.

Adding two more justices would give Democrats just enough space to create a liberal majority.

You see, Democrats don’t want to play fair. Right now, the court is pretty balanced. There is a slight conservative lead, but there are still liberals serving on the bench. Democrats want to change the rules so they’ll always be winning.

Like bratty children on the playground, they won’t be happy unless they always get their way.

These radical changes to the Supreme Court are not likely to ever happen. It would take significant support—not just from the president—but from many in Congress. Even if a 2020 Democrat wins the election, they’re not going to have the votes.

So why even bother to suggest these changes? Because they are growing desperate. None of the 20+ candidates fighting for the Democratic nomination has what it takes to beat Donald Trump. Can any of them promise a better economy than his? Of course not. They are resorting to wild promises, in the hopes that’ll be enough to bamboozle liberal voters.

It’s so sad. Democrats have such little respect for our traditions, laws, and even the Supreme Court—that they’d promise anything to get a few more votes. Even if that promise means destroying an institution established by our Constitution.

Democrats would rather tear the Supreme Court apart, just for an advantage, than work within the bounds of our laws. They don’t respect anything our Founding Fathers created.

Hmm… makes you wonder why anyone bothers to vote for them at all.

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