Adam Schiff Desperately Tries To Save The Insurrection Narrative

Liz Cheney this week revealed a text messages from former Donald Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows’ cell. Despite that this text proves there was never an insurrection, the Dems and their media goons were working hard to make their texts out as though they were a bombshell that would finally destroy Donald Trump.

Top among them was Democrat Adam Schiff, whose only reason for being well-known was that he was the congressman who was relentless about driving Trump first from his office.

Schiff showed up on MSNBC trying to protect the Democrats’ sagging January 6th insurrection narrative. Nobody has been charged with any insurrection, nobody was armed, the only one killed was a Trump supporter, and Trump even called for a peaceful protest, but these facts never mattered to the mad left who hates Trump for demanding deportations and putting the focus on mass migration.

According to news outlet, Breitbart, Mitchell asked Schiff: “What do you think of Don Jr.? Publicly, he was denying the severity of this insurrection while privately, he was pleading with Meadows. Does this suggest that they all know that Donald Trump, alone, could have prevented the violence by asking him to take action on it?”

Mitchell was mentioning the texts that Trump Jr. sent to Meadows in which the president’s son stated: “He has got to condemn this s**t ASAP. The Capitol Police tweet was not enough….We need an Oval Office address. He must lead now. It is now out of hand.”

To Schiff, this is a smoking gun that will give him the power to drive his harpoon into the white whale known as Trump. “It says a lot,” Schiff replied to the host. “The few texts say a lot. They tell us that they knew the seriousness of this assault. They understood the president was situated to stop it all, and he was not stopping it. It went on for hours. But it also just puts the focus on the blatant hypocrisy where they are now trying to downplay this attack, but when you see what they were saying in real-time, you see just how serious they know this attack was.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire