After Biden Turns On Police Officers — Trump Hits Back Hard

After nearly two months of rampant, anti-police protests and riots, Democrats are pushing a radical agenda to defund or abolish police departments. Although Joe Biden at first rejected the notion, he recently voiced his support for “redirecting” police funding to other causes. President Trump is on full offensive, calling for support for police departments.

Let’s be honest, could the Democrats have come up with a worse platform this election season? As anarchists and radical activists burn down cities, loot businesses, and topple historical monuments, liberals want to get rid of the one group dedicated to stopping these crime sprees. Most Americans don’t want cops defunded. In fact, while most were outraged over the death of George Floyd, Americans believe most cops are not killers.

To punish PD’s over the crimes of a few is ludicrous. Even Democrats know this, but they are so desperate to defeat Trump in November, there is no end to what crazy things they’ll do or say.

Already the defund movement is reaping the whirlwind. Democrat-run cities have already announced they’re slashing funding or shutting down units. They have prevented cops from intervening as rioters run rampant. The end result has been a shocking spike in violent crime in major cities. Now, Trump is firing back, calling on all law-abiding citizens to stand by his side.

Last week, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said he “absolutely” supported “redirecting” money away from policing, even though he also said he rejects defunding police.

On Monday, President Trump and his team pounced on Biden for de facto support for defunding police, even as urban crime spikes nationwide…

At the White House on Monday during an event highlighting crime victims’ gratitude and reliance on police for help, Trump condemned a wave of violence sweeping the country, citing a 133% spike in murders in Atlanta compared to the same period last year. Among the city’s victims was an 8-year-old girl, the president noted, adding, “and we’ve had younger than that in Chicago last weekend.”

… “If that’s what you want for a country, you probably have to vote for Sleepy Joe Biden, because he doesn’t know what’s happening,” Trump said. [Source: Just the News]

Those harrowing statistics from Atlanta and Chicago are just the beginning. In the last two weeks, 105 people were shot in Philadelphia. New York is seeing a massive spike in violence and crime, with shootings up 358%.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden has called police officers “the enemy” and is wholeheartedly supporting a move to rob them of needed funds and support.

That’s like firing your doctor as you battle cancer.

But why would Democrats think this is a winning strategy? Because they have sold their souls to Black Lives Matter and the radical social justice movement. Desperate to appear “woke” and progressive, Democrats have pander to a group of radical Marxists who are using race to push their cause. That cause is to topple our way of life and prosperity, to replace it with their corrupt political system.

Without cops, cities will collapse. So will our economies, neighborhoods, and democracy. It wouldn’t be too hard, then, for Democrats to impose some form of socialism to “restore order.”
The big mistake they made, was thinking Americans would sit back and let them do it. Their presidential candidate tried to dance around the issue at first, but is quickly bowing to these radical activists. He wants cops defunded. He called them the enemy. He thinks opposing the one group devoted to protecting law and order will win him the election.

The only question left is, are you going to let him do it?

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