After Chicago Mayor Refuses To Control Riots – Residents Step In

Thanks to Democrat-linked groups, violent protests and surges in crime have been happening all over the country. Local leaders, liberals all of them, have refused to take action. Instead, they have hampered local police and even defunded departments. Now, a group of community activists in Chicago is petitioning the governor. They demand he end the violence for good.

I know you must be getting tired of all the news about riots and violence. But just this weekend, new cities faced the brunt of the Democrats’ rabid dogs. Oh yes, don’t pretend like the Democrats aren’t behind all this. They are the ones that refuse to stop rioters, looters, and criminals from inflicting pain on law-abiding citizens.

Even in cities that arrest these thugs, they are let go because of no-bail laws. On nearly every level, Democrats are rewarding criminals while hurting civilians.

I don’t have to tell you about how idiotic Democrats’ reaction to the riots and crime has been. They’ve called them “peaceful protests.” One Democrat in D.C. called the riots a myth, even as footage of them was played in front of him. Worse than that, Democrats in major cities have prevented cops from doing their job—and even defunded their departments.

Trump promised an end to the chaos, but even then, Democrats have rebelled against his use of federal law enforcement.

But a group of activists is thinking differently. They are petitioning the governor of Illinois to actually do something. They want the National Guard to end the crime spree in Chicago.

Chicago community activists held their own rally Sunday, in contrast to several Chicago Black Lives Matter-sponsored events, demanding that Illinois governor ignore inaction on the part of Chicago’s mayor, Lori Lightfoot, and send in Illinois National Guard troops to help control the city’s spiking violence.

Activists, largely from Hispanic neighborhoods on the city’s west side, “pointed to the city’s surging summer gun violence as they urged both members of the City Council and Congress to rally behind police officers they claim have been outnumbered and attacked at recent protests,” according to the Chicago Sun-Times. [Source: Daily Wire]

Well, why don’t you look at that? A group of activists from a largely Hispanic neighborhood is demanding that the governor of Illinois do the very thing Trump has been demanding from day one!

Accusing the mayor of being unable to “control the city,” these activists are appealing to Gov. Pritzker to step in and end the chaos. They want the National Guard to restore order to the city, as shootings escalate week after week.

We can’t say for sure if the governor will grant this request. He might, he might not. It all comes down to just how stupid Democrats are. Are they really going to ignore the pleas of their own residents, rather than admit crime is on the rise?

Are they so stupid, crooked, and entrenched in their agenda, that they would deny the use of the National Guard, even as children are dying?

I honestly don’t know. But one thing is certain: Americans are growing to HATE Democrats. All over the country, regular Americans are forced to live in fear as their local leaders refuse to restore law and order. Hard-working Americans fear for their lives, not from terrorists, but from radical leftists that Democrats refuse to arrest and prosecute.

Do Democrats really think this is a winning strategy? Burning down their own cities and expecting the people to just take it? From Portland to New York Democrats are ruining the lives of people who would have taken a bullet for them. Now that they just might take a bullet, they are thinking differently.

People who once despised Trump have no choice but to vote for him, because he is willing to end the chaos. Unlike their own party.

Whether or not Pritzker activates the National Guard, the election has already been decided.

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