After Congress Democrats Hit Brakes On Aid – Republican Unloads Bill To Withhold Senate Pay

By Adam Casalino March 25th, 2020 | Image Source: National Review

Boy, has it been a week. And it’s only Tuesday!

Congress was working hard—excuse me, Republicans were working hard on a package to help families hit by the crisis.

It looked like there would be some bipartisan support to provide quick aid to those who need it most. Then, Nancy Pelosi swooped in and derailed it.

Her version of the “relief” bill involved funding and measures that only far-left progressives could support.

This scheme put the package in limbo—meaning Americans will have to wait longer for help.

Will Democrats get away with this? One Republican senator has a brilliant solution.

From Twitter:

If Americans aren’t getting paid, then neither should we.

I introduced a bill today to withhold Senate pay until we pass the COVID-19 relief package.

Sen. McSally said that if Americans are getting paid, then neither should the Senate. She is putting forward a bill to withhold those big checks to our leaders.

Until they pass the relief package, that is.

Now, let’s be honest: no conservative likes the idea of the government handing out checks. But the economic slow down was their doing.

The least they could do is provide economic support for working families stuck at home. (And losing money.)

But Democrats can’t even get that right. How many times have we heard them talk about giving welfare to people?

Yet now, when we need help, do they derail the progress?

Perhaps they should get a pay cut, until these grown-ups learn to work together.

Now, McSally’s bill might not get much traction. But that’s not why she proposed it. She is doing this as a statement to wake up her colleagues.

Americans are suffering as they drag their feet!

Hey, after all this blows over, why don’t we take a second look at this bill? Maybe we can just pass a law that takes their checks away—whenever Democrats create gridlock?

Author: Adam Casalino

Source: Patriot Journal: After Congress Democrats Hit Brakes On Aid – Senator McSally Unloads Bill To Withhold Senate Pay

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