After Getting Covid Months Ago, Psaki Has Another Health Scare

President Biden is heading to Belgium later this week and then on to Poland, where he’ll discuss NATO at a time when Russia’s behavior in the region with the conflict in Ukraine has heightened concerns.

However, one individual who will not be traveling with him is White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki. She just revealed that she has tested positive for COVID and would therefore not be going with Biden.

According to Psaki, she has only had “socially distant” contact with Biden, making her not a “close contact” of his. He was tested and found to be negative, Psaki said.

The Biden administration has been pushing masks on the American people for how long? Jen Psaki, on the other hand, does not wear a mask during her briefings and seldom when she leaves them. When she puts on a mask, it’s usually a cloth one. The Biden camp said that the journalists who were present for the briefing this week are not considered “close contacts,” but rather they’re conducting contact tracing with anybody who might fall within that scope.

I have a couple of queries here. Didn’t she just get COVID a few months ago? Yes, she did indeed announce that she was positive for it on October 31, 2021. She had just canceled her plans of another overseas trip with Joe Biden because of a family “emergency,” which was really people testing positive for COVID, and then she did as well.

Even after apparently being double vaccinated and boosted, she got it again? Is she the unluckiest person ever? Or is it possible that she just doesn’t want to deal with Joe Biden’s gaffes at foreign conferences, not to mention all the criticism she’s receiving over the Hunter Biden laptop? She will unquestionably be all-in for the fourth shot, and if she gets it again, she will still praise the shot.

It’s got to be a difficult life, constantly having to defend Joe Biden and cover up after his lies. Now that there are more Hunter Biden queries with no reasonable response, it must be more stressful. Maybe she’s just avoiding it altogether and everything she already knows will probably be a catastrophe for Biden when he goes overseas.

Author: Blake Ambrose