After This Report, Biden Has Zero Chance At a Second Term

President Biden’s approval numbers have plunged to a new record low after Rasmussen Reports found a “new low single-overnight approval number” in his approval history, almost two days after the commander-in-chief left Americans behind in Afghanistan.

“Last night we found a new low overnight approval in President Joe Biden’s approval and today he will set a new record low in our 3-day rolling average,” Rasmussen Reports said this week:

Indeed, the group’s Daily Presidential Poll reveals Biden’s approval going down to a historical and pathetically low 42 percent — a two-point fall from the 44 percent which was reported previously this week, which matched his past record low.

Of the 56 percent of people who disapproved of Biden’s performance, 47 percent “strongly” disapproved — a two-point uptick from the 45 percent who “strongly” disapproved in the early week poll.

Joe Biden has not had a net approval in Rasmussen’s survey after July 21, when 50 percent said they approved and 48 percent reported that they disapproved.

The sinking trend comes after Biden’s addressed the country this week and acknowledged his White House did, in fact, leave Americans in the jihadist-controlled nation.

“Now we think that around 100 to 200 American citizens are still in Afghanistan with some intention to get out,” he said, echoing the numbers given by Secretary of State Antony Blinken earlier this week.

“Most of these people that remain are dual citizens, longtime residents who decided to stay due to their family roots inside Afghanistan,” he said.

“The bottom line: Ninety percent of Americans in the nation of Afghanistan who wanted to get out were able to do so. And for those Americans we are staying, there is no deadline,” Biden said. “We are still committed to getting them out if they wish to get out.”

RealClearPolitics also had a Biden approval average this week that revealed the president’s numbers dropping, with 49.2 percent disapproving and 45.8 percent approving.

This is only seven months into the Biden presidency and with these numbers, it is not looking good for the Democrat in 2024.

Author: Blake Ambrose