American Freedom Convoy Has The Biden White House Preparing For Civil War

A fence will be put up around the Capitol building next week before President Biden’s State of the Union address before any possible “Freedom Convoy” protest.

The Secret Service and U.S. Capitol Police were “working together” to plan for more security measures after getting reports about an incoming protest on March 1, according to a comment from the Capitol Police . As part of greater security measures, a fence will be put into place.

The two agencies were working closely to “plan for the new State of the Union,” Capitol Police said in the comment. “The temporary inner-perimeter fence is part of these continuing discussions and is an option, however no decision has been made at this time.”

Capitol Police announced this past Friday that “police across the National Capitol Region” are aware that multiple convoys, similar to the ones clogging cities in Canada, would arrive in Washington, D.C., on March. 1, according to the Capitol Police comment.

“USCP will facilitate lawful First Amendment actions,” the Capitol Police stated. “The USCP is coordinating with state, local and federal police, including DC’s Metropolitan Police Dept., the U.S. Park Police, the U.S. Secret Service and other agencies including the DC National Guard.”

Truckers calling themselves the “Freedom Convoy” were protesting for many weeks over a rule that truckers coming back from the United States to Canada to show proof of vaccination. Since then, multiple border crossings were impassable to other traffic, with Ambassador Bridge only getting reopened after numerous arrests were made.

After the Jan. 6 protest (and possible FBI-led riot) at the Capitol, greater security measures were put in place around the building, including a large fence. In March, some of the razor wire fencing put around the perimeter was removed.

The tension in America has been high since the election of 2020 and partly due to the covid pandemic and vaccine mandates. But also inflation and shortages have strained most Americans. A trucker convoy would greatly increase this tension and hopefully put pressure on the Biden White House. But if Canada is any sign, this protest won’t come without harsh consequences for the people who join it.

Author: Steven Sinclaire