American Gun Manufacturer Surrenders To Anti-Gun Lunatics

Remington has agreed to a new settlement claim with the families of nine Americans killed in the Sandy Hook school attack.

ABC News says the settlement comes “almost eight years after the initial lawsuit the company who made the Bushmaster XM15-E2S rifle that was used during the 2012 mass shooting in Connecticut.”

While the details of the settlement were not announced, the NY Post said that “Remington gave the families a $33 million legal settlement back in July 2021… [which is] around $3.7 million per family.”

The Sandy Hook shooter went into the school and murdered 26 people. The attacker used a stolen rifle during the killing spree. The rifle had belonged to his mom, and he killed her before entering the school. The NY Times said the attacker’s mother had “legally registered” her guns.

On Feb. 12, 2015, a commission discovered that the Sandy Hook shooter had more than nine minutes to act without any armed resistance.

The commission’s report says he “went to the school right before 9:30 a.m.,” where “489 kids and 82 adults” were in a gun-free zone. He parked his car in a “no parking” area, left his car, and broke through a window since the doors were locked.

The first 911 calls were made around “9:35:39 a.m.” and the first officer showed to the scene at 9:39 a.m. That is after Lanza had spent nine minutes shooting.

This new development will be used by liberals nationwide to achieve gun-control through suing gun companies in America. There is nothing stopping it now. We are set for a huge battle to protect our gun rights and nothing can stop it. What’s next? Can someone sue the manufacturer of an automobile after a car accident? Maybe they should! Just to try the theory out and see if it is applied equally. But the truth is, this is a part of the neverending liberal drive to disarm white people, no matter how it gets done.

Author: Blake Ambrose