American Military Prepares A Big Surprise For Putin

Military vehicles and equipment are being prepared at an US Air Force facility in Delaware for transport to Ukraine. On Sunday, a video was released that showed military personnel loading boxes of weapons onto an aircraft bound for the war-torn nation.

The United States has sent $800 million in goods to Ukraine as part of a $1.4 billion aid package announced by Joe Biden last year. Despite Russia’s warning about the possible fallout for supplying Ukraine, the delivery was made. Meanwhile, former US Army Europe commander Ben Hodges urged President Biden to send more weaponry to Ukraine.

He told The New York Times that he thinks the Russian military will launch a new offensive against the Ukrainian government in an interview published Monday. His comments came after a recent NBC News report, which found that Ukraine’s troops may run out of artillery shells and some other weapons in the near future. “US weapons supplied to Ukraine may not be sufficient to combat Russia,” added Hodges.

“This is a high-quality weapons system, but I must emphasize that it is still not enough tow in this war. What the Ukrainians truly need are long-range fires, missiles, artillery, and drones that are able to destroy or disrupt the devices that are causing most of the damage in Ukrainian cities,” he said.

According to Hodges, the Biden administration is avoiding talking about winning the war in Ukraine and its further ambitions are still unknown. Meanwhile, Ukraine’s president has requested that Biden make a diplomatic trip to his nation.

During a conversation with Jake Tapper on CNN on Sunday, Volodymyr Zelensky said he thinks that Joe Biden will come, and that it’s something he should do as the president of the United States. His comments followed shortly after reports that Biden had no plans to visit Kyiv, according to the White House.

Biden lamented that he was not permitted to visit when in Poland last month, stating “they wouldn’t let me.” Other leaders have paid a trip to Kiev, including UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the presidents of both Lithuania and Poland.

Author: Scott Dowdy