Americans Enraged By Biden’s New Energy Policies

A recent Trafalgar Group survey discovered that more than three-quarters of American citizens think Pres. Joe Biden should put a priority on increasing the energy production in the United States as the war in Ukraine continues.

The poll that was released this week, said that 77.3% of the total respondents think that the production of domestic oil should be the main priority of the president while the Ukraine war is going on, while 9.3% said it shouldn’t be considered a priority. Along the lines of partisan, 88.6% of GOP members, 67% of Dems, and 77.6% of independents said they supported the idea of increasing the production of energy.

The White House has been faced with immense bipartisan demand to increase the production of domestic oil following Russia’s invasion in Ukraine in late Feb.. The United States imported more than 670,000 barrels of oil each day from Russia last year, who is the third largest producer of oil in the entire world.

The president banned all the imports of oil from Russia on March 8 to aim at the “main part of Russia’s economy.” The invasion of Ukraine, plus the economic consequences on the economy in Russia, has caused crude oil to exceed $100 per barrel and gas prices to rise to more than $4 per gallon.

To fix the increasing prices, the Biden administration has been pushing for the steering away from the oil production and advertising ways to change over to clean energy, such as purchasing electric vehicles. A lot of the lawmakers, however, have backed up on this idea by calling for the Biden administration to reverse the decision to cancel the Keystone Pipeline and the ban on new leases of federal oil.

Joe Biden said he would remove the sanctions on oil trading imposed against Venezuela to increase the U.S. supply of oil, two of the sources that are familiar with the issue told Reuters. The Biden administration had considered previously to remove all sanctions against Venezuela’s energy industry in a very unusual face-to-face meeting with the head Venezuelan officials back on March 7.

Ed O’Keefe, CBS White House correspondent read the reactions from Americans about the rising gas prices, and said, “I just never have even imagined that the price of gas could be so high,” and, “it is a big stressor on my finances,” to Jen Psaki, White house media secretary at a March 7 briefing.

Author: Scott Dowdy