America’s Interest In The Current Administration Is Plummeting,

The optimism of voters has leveled out in new national polls of 1,000 possible voters that we published this week and might once again be headed in a bad direction.

Over the previous few months, more voters believed the US was going in the right direction, but for this month, the wrong track beat out the right direction 48% to 47%.

This perception is completely polarized by politics.

Biden’s previous voters say the nation is headed in a good direction 79% to 16%, but Trump’s supporters say that we are on the wrong track with a vote of 84% to 13%.

But, in the center, pessimism could be helping Republicans as the undecided people are also reporting that we are on the wrong track 47%-33% and independents saying the same at 55%-39% and suburban voters reporting 53%-44%.

With the right direction group stalling and wrong track group growing yet again, President Biden’s approval seems to also be stuck.

Last month, his approval was 56% to 43%, with the majority approving.

This month, his approval is down to 55% and 44% disapproving. Also, Biden’s favorable to unfavorable number is now 54% to 45%.

These are small numbers, but for someone who gets overwhelmingly good media coverage, any change in the downward direction is significant.

Although we conducted this poll right before VP Kamala Harris made her past due trip to the border, Harris’ favorability ratings also seem to be polarized with just the same 47% to 48% rating she had previously.

Independents reporting 44%-48%, white voters reporting 37%-59%, married voters being 44%-53%, suburban voters resulting in 45%-51% and even women at 46%-49% gave Harris negative numbers and do not like her.

If Biden does not seek reelection in 2024, Kamala Harris is the frontrunner among Democrats voters at 31% which is lower by 35% in the past month, while Michelle Obama has increased from 16% to 19% just this month.

In comparison former President Trump is staying strong, with his solid GOP base. With 72% of Republicans wanting to see Trump run for President in 2024.

Author: Steven Sinclaire