Ancient Plagues Revived In This Democrat Led City

Image Source: National Insiders

In recent years, the Democrat-dominant California government has passed laws encouraging drug abuse and homelessness. The results, as you can imagine, have been staggering. Los Angeles in particular has reached new lows. Homelessness has exploded in just the last year. And now doctors are making a dire warning about the resurgence of ancient diseases.

Some are saying we haven’t seen these kinds of problems since the Middle Ages. That should scare you. Because of Los Angeles’ rampant, out-of-control liberal government, homelessness is dramatically rising. The city doesn’t seem to want to do anything effective to curtail the problem. Major city streets are crowded with shanty towns. From residential neighborhoods to big business sectors, nowhere is say from the epidemic.

It started thanks to California’s supermajority Democrats legalizing marijuana. That turned the state into a magnet for many drug abusers. On top of that, major CA cities offer numerous government-funded handouts. Instead of encouraging drug users and the homeless to get clean and get off the streets, they enable them with free clothing, phones, and computers.

Despite spending hundreds of millions on the problem, things are getting worse. Now, the City of Angels reached a new milestone. And people are not happy about it.

A new video report by KOMO News on the homeless crisis in Los Angeles highlights what addiction specialist Dr. Drew Pinsky describes as conditions not seen since the Middle Ages. The number of homeless has exploded in the area, up 16% in one year, now topping 36,000 in L.A. and 59,000 in L.A. County. The result has been a humanitarian crisis and the proliferation of serious diseases, as the city fails to take action to protect residents…

The bubonic plague, responsible for over 25 million deaths over a five-year span in the 1300s, is likely already present in these homeless encampments, Dr. Drew warns. “Everything you found in your history books, we’ve got it, it’s coming,” he says…

“People get beaten, women get raped. It’s just a brutal environment,” says Andy Bales, CEO of the Union Rescue Mission, which is dedicated to helping the homeless in the area. Bales notes that there’s 1,000 sex offenders currently on the streets. [Source: Daily Wire]

Liberal leadership at its best! Thanks to the toxic policies of Los Angeles’ leaders, the city is overrun with homeless encampments. These encampments are home to drug abuses, rapists, and worse. Over one million rats now infest the city, spreading diseases that were wiped out hundreds of years ago.

The city has spent $650 million to address the problem. Clearly, they are wasting that money. We all want to help the homeless, but throwing money at this problem is not working. The homeless need to be encouraged to get off the streets and put their lives back together. Those with mental illness need treatment.

But when you ignore those obvious solutions and waste taxpayer dollars, you only enflame the problem.

Nearby regions, like Culver City, don’t face the same issues. Why? Because their leaders haven’t passed idiotic laws that make the situation worse.

In one particularly eye-opening moment, KOMO News illustrates that the problem all comes down to the law. One side of an underpass that falls under Culver City, which bans homeless from camping out on the sidewalk, is pristine, while the other side, overseen by Los Angeles, is packed with homeless tents and trash. [Source: Daily Wire]

Democrats in Los Angeles prohibit police from clearing homeless from streets and public areas. One can only assume they want the city to become a stinking hell hole. What other explanation can you find?
Other than the fact that the rich of LA—including its leaders—get to hide from this problem in their wealthy homes and gated communities.

The rest of the city’s millions of residents get to enjoy feces and needles in the streets, garbage everywhere, the spread of ancient plagues, and dangerous crooks and rapists stalking their every move.

And this party wants to expand its influence in states like Texas, Florida, and Nevada? No, thank you.

You can watch the full video to see for yourself.

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