Andrew Cuomo Gets a Jaw-Dropping Threat From An Angry Sheriff

Craig Apple, the Albany County Sheriff, has said this Saturday that Democrat NY Governor Andrew Cuomo could be hit with criminal charges if his dept. corroborates a criminal complaint that says the governor is guilty of illegal sexual conduct.

Apple promised a “very comprehensive” investigation into the governor, but did not give more details.

Apple explained that his office was phoned by a lawyer of a reported victim on the same day that NY AG Letita James published a 165-page report revealing sexual harassment claims against Andrew Cuomo, and accusations that his office retaliated against these accusers. James ended by saying that Cuomo had broken federal and state laws, but declined to ask for prosecution.

“I cannot get into her specific accusations at this time, obviously. We are at the very start of this investigation,” Apple said this Saturday. “We have a lot of work and fact-finding to do. And a lot of interviews to do. And it would be completely premature for me to discuss any of that.”

The reported victim filed an accusation with the Albany County Sheriff’s Office two days after, the NY Post reported.

After this criminal complaint, Apple told the NY Post that the investigation would not be influenced by Cuomo’s status as a politician. He repeated this statement on Saturday.

“I am the county sheriff. I won’t be intimidated or coerced,” Apple said. “That would not go well for anyone.”

Apple admitted it was “premature” to report if an investigation would lead to Cuomo’s arrest or new criminal charges.

However, if investigators support the allegations, Cuomo might be hit with misdemeanor charges.

Apple said he would perform the investigation with the Albany County DA’s office, and reported he has requested certain investigative materials from the NY state AG’s office.

The governor’s lawyers have denied that Cuomo committed any crime.

Rita Glavin, a personal attorney for Cuomo, both questioned the accusation that is now being investigated by the Albany County Sheriff and suggested that the governor is being treated unfairly.

“Governor Cuomo deserves to be treated fairly, like anyone else in this nation accused of something,” Glavin reported Friday. “He is 63 years old and has spent 40 years in public life. And for him to suddenly be accused of sexual assault of an assistant does not pass muster.”

Cuomo has not resigned despite coming under calls to step down from every level of the Democratic Party, including President Biden.

Author: Blake Ambrose