Another Republican Governor Joins The Resistance Against Biden

Republican Governor Kay Ivey from Alabama has signed an executive order this week ordering state agencies not to enforce the federal vaccine mandate.

The governor’s order said that these state agencies should work with the Alabama attorney general against the Biden White House, which has given the mandate for federal employees in September. The order adds that no government entity can enact that mandatory vaccine for employees and that people will not be forced to show proof of vaccination to go into government buildings.

“Alabamians – and Americans must have the choice to get the shot and certainly not be forced by any government,” Ivey said in her accompanying comment. “While President Biden laughs at the idea of protecting Americans’ freedoms, I will keep fighting for Alabama employees and businesses.”

Ivey continued to discuss the Biden White House’s actions as an “illegal overreach,” and stated that she was “confident we will win in the courts.”

“I am adamantly against federal mandates connected to the coronavirus vaccine and adamantly against state mandates connected to the covid vaccine, plain and simple,” Ivey stated. “As long as I’m your governor, Alabama will not force anybody to take the covid vaccine.”

President Joe Biden said back in September that federal workers and contractors had to get the covid vaccine. He gave a similar order for around 80 million private sector workers, directing the Dept. of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (also called OSHA) to create a rule forcing these workers to be vaccinated or undergo testing.

This comes at a time when Americans are growing tired of Democrats’ overreach in regards to the covid-19 vaccinations and mask policies. Not only are these rules nonsensical given the science available, but Democratic leaders themselves have been caught many times disobeying their own rules by going out in public without masks during the early days of the pandemic, or by having large gatherings with many people not wearing masks as Obama did during his large birthday party. When it comes down to it, Democrats only want to have more control over how Americans’ live their lives.

Author: Scott Dowdy