Anti-Biden Trends Finally Push The Ailing President Off The Deep End

A spokesperson for the White House says that the Biden administration is “not familiar” with the growing “F*ck Joe Biden” or the “Let’s Go Brandon” chants which have been featured during so many sporting events in the previous few months.

The two chants were spreading like wildfire after the beginning of college football and an early Oct. NASCAR race.

But the Biden White House is pretending to be ignorant of the ongoing attack on their beloved boss.

According to the Washington Post: “White House officials tried to downplay the trend, and at least one said he was not familiar with the ‘Let’s go Brandon’ chant or the other variation, though they are now chanted in football stadiums everywhere to local bars and other places.”

Andrew Bates said that he had “never heard of the chant” until the Post’s journalist “explained it” to him.

Still, even as the Biden Administration is acting like no one has ever heard of the phenomenon, President Biden himself has even mentioned it once. The Post reminded people that Biden made an slight reference to signs saying “F*ck Joe Biden” that were on the road as he went in a presidential motorcade to Pennsylvania.

During his speech in Scranton, Joe Biden again said he is among the most popular presidents in modern history, “Not including some of those signs I saw coming in.”

Naturally, the Post put all the blame on Donald Trump for the “vulgarity and norm-breaking of the Trump era.” However, the paper was alarmed that these chants were “far more widespread and vulgar.”

The paper also attempted to wave off these chants as examples of a “target of vilification” being used to unite GOP opponents of Joe Biden. However, the paper did not point out that these chants were not only happening in Republican districts, but were also being seen across the country, even in places as Democrat as Pennsylvania, Scranton, and Boston, Massachusetts.

Indeed, the chant was even heard today during a march of NY City municipal employees who are tired of the covid mandates and finally had enough of Biden’s nonsense.

Author: Scott Dowdy