Anti-Trump Group Gets a Surprise From The Big Man Himself

After the ouster of RINO Liz Cheney from her GOP leadership role, around 150 Republicans and former Republican leaders who are against President Trump’s “control” over the Republican party have signed a letter threatening that they will leave the GOP if it does not change and go back to its “founding principles.”

The group’s document – which they title “A Call for American Renewal” – was published on Thursday. It asks the Republican party to change its principles to help a “rebirth of the American way.”

The letter was led by former Republican strategist and 2016 independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin and Miles Taylor, who was chief of staff at the DHS during the Trump administration.

“I’m proud to be with more than 150 Republicans and independents urging a reform of the Republican party and the creation of a new home for people left behind by political extremism,” McMullin said on Thursday morning.

During an interview with Fox News, he stressed that “After Liz Cheney’s sacking from leadership and the increase in extremism in the GOP, we believe it is important to have a principals-based vision for the leadership of the GOP and of the nation.”

Trump responded to the statement, slamming the new agenda by ,,”a group of losers and RINOs.”

Trump is and will remain incredibly popular with the GOP, according to almost all surveys. And he is incredibly influential over Republican politicians, as the former president tries to take a kingmaker’s position in the party going into the 2022 election and as he repeatedly hints at running again in 2024.

Author: Scott Dowdy