Antifa Militants Form An Army To Strategically Hunt Down MAGA Americans

You have heard all the gaslighting rhetoric that protects Antifa who are violent and do the dirty work of the anti-white left: that the masked goons are “just an idea, not a group” and even a “myth,” despite the tons of evidence to the contrary.

Well, let’s focus on San Diego prosecutors, who this week charged multiple Antifa members with conspiracy to conduct a riot, saying they physically assaulted Trump supporters in January, the San Diego Union-Tribune has reported.

The criminal complaint mentioned that the suspects “were self-identified as Antifa” and started organizing themselves a week before the pro-Trump “Patriot March” on January 9, the paper said.

Pretty cool trick for “an idea, not a group.”

What happened?

The office of D.A. Summer Stephan, citing footage as evidence, said that “overwhelmingly the violence here was done by Antifa and was not a mutual fight with both sides crossing over lawful First Amendment,” the Union-Tribune reported.

Those now arraigned in the Superior Court of San Diego were with a group captured last week in raids by officers across Southern California, the Union-Tribune said.

The complaint said the defendants created a criminal conspiracy “by sharing and liking” a Jan. 2 social media post that asked for a counterprotest against the Trump rally, “in essence agreeing to partake in the ‘direct action.’ Others agreed by coming to the Pacific Beach on Jan. 9th, 2021 and participating in the violence,” the paper said, citing prosecutors.

The Antifa members were accused of using small flagpoles, pepper spray, sticks, and other items to attack the pro-Trump protestors, the Union-Tribune said, adding that many attacks mentioned in the complaint seem to match the incidents shared online, like an Antifa militant pepper-spraying a dog and its conservative owner.

Prosecutors said the aforementioned action was done by Jeremy Jonathan White, 39, who stayed jailed this week with a $200,000 bail, the paper said.

White faces conspiracy charges, assault using a deadly weapon, use of tear gas when not in self-defense, and animal cruelty.

Videographer Sean Carmitchel caught Antifa attacking people on tape. On the tape they were seen using pepper spray, a wooden folding chair, sticks, punches, and kicks — all things that prosecutors described in their complaint.

Here are the disturbing videos. Warning: foul language:

Author: Blake Ambrose