Antifa Terrorists Unleash Explosive Attacks, Injuring Dozens

Photo Via Ted S. Warren/AP Photo

As Violent members of the left continue to destroy the country via riots, nearly two dozen Seattle Police Department officers were injured during a Sunday attack on the city’s East Precinct.

It began when rioters “emerged from the group and began spray painting and attempting to disable security cameras and a fence perimeter around the precinct,” the Seattle Police Department said in a statement.

“At least one person breached the precinct’s fence line. Moments later, a device exploded leaving an 8-inch hole in the side of the precinct.”

“Due to the ongoing public safety risks and damaged associated with this incident march, SPD declared the incident a riot and began issuing orders to leave the area,” the department continued. “The crowd threw bottles and balloons filled with liquid and shot mortar fireworks and tossed explosives at officers.”

The assault on the officers continued on: “Over the next several hours, a smaller crowd wound through Capitol Hill, continuing to throw bricks, rocks, mortars and other explosives at officers. As of 10 pm, police had made 45 arrests in connection with today’s riot for assaults on officers, failure to disperse, and obstruction.”

“Twenty-one officers sustained injuries during the day’s events. Most were able to return to duty. One was treated at a hospital for a knee injury,” the statement concluded. “Arson/Bomb detectives are investigating the explosion at the East Precinct.”

These attacks on officers follow a destructive Saturday in the Democrat run city where rioters took their destruction to a number of buildings including torching a construction site at a justice center and a Starbucks store that was at the bottom of an apartment complex.

The Starbucks reportedly had smoke coming out of the smashed windows – prompting the building full of residents to be evacuated.

Human Events Managing Editor Ian Miles Cheong tweeted out a photo from Google Maps that showed the apartment complex on top of the Starbucks.

“The Starbucks is on the ground floor of an apartment complex,” Cheong wrote. “The media does not show you the full picture because they don’t want you to realize Antifa set homes on fire in Seattle.”

These violent leftists were not content with the destruction of property, however, as New York Times reporter Mike Baker tweeted out a video of store owners describing incidents throughout the day where they were targeted by the Antifa militants.

“They are still attacking people,” one man told Baker as he pointed toward the rioters. “Like, what’s going on?”

He continued, “I was texting on my phone, they say I’m taking a video of them. I say, how can I take videos of them when [it’s] pointing [the phone] at the ground? I’m texting on my phone. He shoots a cannon at me … starts firing at me. I tell him to stop. I come at them and then I get attacked. … I got punched at least four or five times. Never left our property, always on our property.”

Another man was on the phone with police and said, “They attacked us, there were like a dozen of them right outside our building. They are breaking our windows and assaulting people.”

This type of dangerous violence is exactly the type of behavior that Presidential Candidate Joe Biden has been a proponent of with recent statements he made during an interview where he said he would “absolutely” defund the police given the opportunity.

President Trump meanwhile announced last week that his administration was sending an elite tactical unit to Seattle in case local officials needed backup against the violent extremists.

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