AOC Gets Diabolic In Her Hatred Against Joe Manchin

To say that Democratic Sen. Manchin has officially passed former Pres. Trump as the Dems’ most hated enemy would actually be an understatement.

As we recently reported, Sen. Manchin effectively nuked Pres. Biden’s “Build Back Better” plan over the weekend, while stating during a interview with Fox News that “I can’t vote to continue with this legislation. I just cannot. I have tried everything possible. I just cannot get there.”

Not long after, the left’s meltdowns commenced, with “Squad” member Representative Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) and failed 2016/2020 pres. candidate Senator Bernie Sanders (Socialist-Vt.) representative of the many who were having difficulties coping with the fact that Sen. Joe Manchin understands that he represents the citizens of West Virginia, not the “woke” so-called progressives who tried push for bloated spending bills for their pet projects, which Joe Manchin repeatedly indicated he couldn’t and wouldn’t get behind.

AOC, who is also clearly having coping problems with Joe Manchin’s announcement, made an appearance on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” show earlier today. During the interview with Joe Scarborough, AOC characterized Joe Manchin’s actions as an “appalling breach of the trust of Pres. Biden,” but also suggested there were still options available that Democrat leaders could use to punish and/or get around Joe Manchin and others who do not support Pres. Biden’s BBB plan.

“Well, I believe what Sen. Joe Manchin did yesterday represents such an egregious breach of the trust of Pres. Biden,” she said. “It’s an outcome that we warned about over a month ago about needing a contingency plan for. It is why we insisted that we have the bipartisan infrastructure bill coupled and passed at the same time as the Build Back Better Act.”

After noting that Democratic members of her party have “every right to be mad” with Manchin, AOC suggested the way they should channel that anger is to put pressure on the Dem leaders who “made the choice to get us to this juncture,” stating that they have a “large amount of tools at their disposal, the Pres. particularly.”

“It is time that we remove the kid gloves and we begin using them to govern for the working families in the U.S.,” the self-admitted Dem Socialist went on to say.

So it seems like AOC’s recommendation is to retaliate against Joe Manchin by demanding Senator Majority Leader Schumer (whom she has not ruled out trying to primary next year) punish him and by aggressively lobbying Pres. Biden to use his power to go around the legislative process.

Neither of these recommendations is going to make Joe Manchin very happy. In fact, they’re likely to further enrage him after all the time he has spent going back and forth with Dem leaders including Joe Biden.

Either of these scenarios alone would be enough to get Senator McConnell to crack one of his infamous evil grins, but both of these together would have him trying come up with a more creative way to publicly put pressure on Joe Manchin to swap parties, a scenario that is Democratic party’s worst nightmare.

As I mentioned last week, though Joe Manchin is politically right where he wants to be, when reelection time gets closer, he will have a lot to think about regarding the party flipping scenario, because even though his first election in 2012 was easy, his 2018 race was a lot closer, with Patrick Morrisey losing the race by just .3 percent (around 19,000 votes) in a election that saw the Libertarian nominee Rusty Hollen receive 24,000 votes.

Considering how much redder his state becomes (and how Dems are chomping at the bit to try and primary him), Joe Manchin might decide a year ahead of the election that it may be more worth his while to swap parties.

If Joe Manchin ends up doing so, Mitch McConnell throwing gas on the Dem infighting will be a part of the reason why, as well as Sen. Manchin assessing what his best interests are from a re-election stand point. But rest assured that a big chunk of it will be Joe Manchin’s desire to tell Sen. Schumer, AOC, Pelosi, Biden and the rest of them to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine.

Author: Blake Ambrose