AOC Humiliates Herself With “Evil White Men” Conspiracy

The 19th-century satirist Josh Billings observed: “It isn’t ignorance that is the cause of so much trouble; it is individuals knowing so much that isn’t so.” Nearly a century later, Pres. Reagan reused the observation: “The problem with our liberal friends isn’t that they are ignorant; it is just that they know so much that is not so.”

In the case of Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, I am not so sure about the “ignorant” part (wink-wink), however examples are all around that lead one to question it — and boy, does she have the “know so much that is not so” part down pat.

The noted fossil fuel expert’s most recent silly comments about the evil oil pipeline — gleefully killed by Pres. Biden shortly after his occupation of the White House.

In an Instagram video this week, the ex-bartender wrongly asserted that the Keystone XL Pipeline and Line 3 Projects were created to increase America’s natural gas exports. Yeah, wrong. The two pipelines were created to transport crude oil, not natural gas, from Canada to the U.S. as an import.

The Keystone XL oil pipeline spur was proposed as an expansion to a line that already existed which stretched from Texas to North Dakota. Canada’s Line 3 pipeline has carried crude oil into America through Minnesota since the 1960s. The Line 3 replacement that is currently under construction has continued to face tough opposition from environmental wackos such as the intrepid AOC.

“Line 3 shouldn’t exist,” claimed the energy expert.

The misleading video reached more than 180,000 views, a terrible thought in and of itself.

“When you look at the Keystone XL pipeline, and when you take a look at all of these other pipelines, people say, ‘Oh, this is so the U.S. can be energy independent. We actually already produce enough oil to power our own nation, whether you agree or disagree.”

Ah, energy “independence.”

Donald Trump made the same claim. Is it true? In a word, no — in terms of production and domestic consumption, which is how most people view energy independence. But, according to Forbes, U.S. natural gas and oil production currently represents about 68 percent of U.S. energy consumption.

Author: Scott Dowdy