Australia Exposes The Gut-Wrenching Truth About Vaccines

An Australian official from the area of New South Wales has now admitted that six of seven COVID-19 deaths are from vaccinated people.

“As the minister revealed, tragically today, we said these deaths of seven people who died from COVID-19, three men and four women, one was in their 40s, another in their 50s, two people were in their 70s, two people in their 80s, and one person in their 90s, all of these people had underlying medical problems, one person was not vaccinated, and three people had gotten one dose, and three of them had two doses of the covid vaccine,” NSW Health Officer Dr. Marianne Gale revealed.

Even though covid vaccines do not stop deaths, Australia will use fear to keep their Orwellian crack down and demand more people submit to the covid jab because of the news.

We have reported before on Australia’s emergence as the ground zero for a brutal technocracy coming in response to the pandemic:

“The Deputy Premier of New South Wales, a state within the southeastern part Australia, struck an authoritarian tone when threatening people this Monday…”

“There will be people in New South Wales who want to not be vaccinated… These people will lose all their freedoms on October 11th.”

“The message to unvaccinated people is that you will not get any freedom unless you submit to the vaccine.“

“John Barilaro is mandating and enforcing stay-at-home orders in the country, years after the arrival of the virus to Australia and the large circulation of the disease.”

“Barilaro was recently forced to apologize after saying that 300 people who went to a man’s funeral were “dickheads,” unaware that the event did not break Australia’s strict COVID laws.”

“Images of draconian crackdowns against protests in Australia have rocked the world, with police harassing citizens for planning to protest at their own homes, and violently assaulting people who were peacefully demonstrating against the stay-at-home orders. There is reason to think that Australia’s draconian response to COVID-19 has lowered trust in the vaccine and discouraged its citizens from getting it.”

Author: Scott Dowdy