Bad News for Beto as His Campaign Slows to a Halt

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After losing to Ted Cruz in 2018, Beto O’Rourke has tried to mount a campaign for the White House. The Texas Democrat scored support from the media and big donors. But after weeks of bad press, it looks like Beto’s aspirations are about to evaporate.

Is it over for Beto?

Beto O’Rourke was never a great candidate. He tried to score brownie points from the far-left by embracing radical socialist policies. During his 2018 senate run, he admitted he wanted more illegal immigrants in this country. He claimed, foolishly, that they do the work real Americans refuse to do.

Mmm… not a great strategy, Beto.

His campaign was even grilled for allegedly sending texts to supporters, urging them to bring illegal immigrants to the voting polls on election day. How they didn’t land him in jail, I’ll never know.

Things were looking better for Beto when he announced his bid for president. While far-left 2020 candidates are a dime a dozen today, he got to an early lead by raising over $6 million in 24 hours. Not too shabby for a man with a made-up nickname.

But things took a turn for the worse, after Beto’s odd personal life came out. We reported how, a young hacker Beto, posted online his fantasy about running over two young children in his car. After losing to Cruz, he drove out into the desert by himself. He claims he ate a bunch of dirt for its “healing properties” and brought back some for his family.

And less we say about what he did with some “avocado” and his wife, the better.

It seems that as the Democrat’s 2020 field gets more crowded, Beto is struggling to keep the party’s attention. That has resulted in some bad news for the candidate. I’ll go grab my hanky.

Unlike Sanders, O’Rourke’s numbers haven’t gone up since he announced his interest in the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination, and according to Politico, he’s mired in the middle of the pack, competing against only second-string candidates.

Sanders is “far ahead” in both polling and fundraising… and O’Rourke is now trailing South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, who quickly supplanted O’Rourke as the young upstart Democratic “golden child,” raising an impressive $7 million in just a few days on the stump, and drawing much larger crowds and much more media attention.

According to Washington Examiner reporter Joe Simonson, who has been following both O’Rourke’s and Sanders’ campaigns around Iowa, there’s no question who voters are more interested in. [Source: Daily Wire]

The media hyped up Beto to no end. In 2018, they all but said he was going to flip Cruz’s senate seat blue. But even after a ton of outsider cash flooded his campaign, Beto was schooled by the conservative.

Despite a humiliating loss, Beto claimed he could clinch the White House. Again, it seemed the liberal media was on his side.

Clearly, voters aren’t. He’s polling behind candidates you probably never heard of. And he can’t even fill a marginally small room. Looks like all that Creepy Joe Biden stuff stole all the media attention.

Chances are, even Democratic voters aren’t impressed with this new group of left-wing candidates. These 2020 hopefuls might talk big about Medicare for All, slavery reparations, and universal income, but they will not win over middle-of-the-road Americans. All they want is opportunity to work hard and support their families.

Gee, who is helping regular Americans get jobs and earn a living? Hmm… it’s not Beto and it certainly won’t be Sanders or Biden.

Had Biden not been outed with his dirty touching, he would have been a shoe-in for the left. Now the primary is up for grabs. The only really viable candidate—isn’t Beto—it’s crazy ol’ Bernie Sanders. But even he doesn’t have a ghost of a chance in the general election.

If Beto was smart he would just bow out now. Go back to the desert and enjoy his dirt. But I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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