‘Basement Joe’ Returns — And Even Democrats Are Taking Notice

President Biden’s most recent media conference was last Thursday, and while that was a few days back, a lot has happened since then, like a huge southern border surge we watched videos of last week, CENTCOM’s acknowledgment that an American Military drone strike in Afghanistan murdered 10 civilians including seven kids instead of the alleged terrorists, not to mention the hostage situation at the Mazar-i-Sharif airport.

As Biden himself once stated on a hot mic during Obama’s White House, these issues are a “big f***in’” deal, and the American public deserve to hear from the current President instead of his handlers.

But it seems like that is not happening, and mainstream reporters are starting to take notice and call President Joe Biden out for it. For instance, during today’s media briefing, Fox Business reporter Edward Lawrence asked Biden’s press secretary Jen Psaki when they would get to question him directly again. Her fast response to him was that he and his colleagues should be happy they got what they did last week:

Needless to say, that is not looking good and everyone in the media is growing agitated.

Both Bloomberg News reporter Jennifer Jacobs and CBS News reporter Kathryn Watson also said in tweets that President Biden did not accept questions when he went to the White House today after spending some days on vacation at Rehoboth Beach nor when he went for trip to NY City:

“The Hill” media columnist Joe Concha also made the somewhat obvious point about how there were a “few things” that “have occurred since” Joe Biden held his last media presser, with the clear insinuation being that he must go to the mic again to answer questions:

Considering the strange answers that Psaki gave during today’s press conference on some of the top issues we need answers about from Joe Biden, it probably would be better if we had heard directly from the president than from her.

Then again, considering Biden’s habit of embarrassing gaffes, flubs, bad “jokes,” and his embellishing stories, or even sometimes forgetting vital details, maybe it is best we didn’t.

Author: Steven Sinclaire