Biden Administration Targets Red State Governors For Daring To Fight Back

The Biden administration media Secretary Jen Psaki has made the defamatory and outrageous claim that Gov. Abbott from Texas, and Gov. DeSantis from Florida banning mandates in their states was “putting politics over public heath.”

“When President Biden announced his mandates for companies, that, of course, we are waiting on OSHA regulations for the next step,” Psaki stated. “That was according to federal laws and the implementation of laws since it is an executive order.”

“So, our plan is to implement and keep working to implement these requirements across the country, including in states where there is work being done to oppose them.”

Psaki then got nastier than normal and viciously maligned and defamed Governor’s DeSantis and Abbott by saying “Since you gave me the opportunity, Gov. Abbott’s executive order preventing mandates, and I would also note the Governor DeSantis announcement this morning essentially preventing the implementation of mandates, fit a certain pattern that we have seen of putting politics before public health.”

“Over 700,000 American lives were lost because of Covid-19, including over 56,000 in Florida and more than 68,000 in Texas. And every leader should focus on supporting the efforts to save America lives and end this pandemic.”

Governor DeSantis and Governor Abbott are allowing workers the ability to choose the path for themselves about the vaccine, while the Biden White House clearly wants it to be forced, with no questions asked.

That, is completely un-American and frankly no employer can know your health information, other than what is needed to get health insurance.

The rest is supposed to be between the doctor and their patient, with the patient having the final say. At least this is how America used to work.

Today, the Democrats along with their Republican enablers are set on forcing anything and everything on the American people. This includes vaccine mandates, anti-white brainwashing targeting children, and greater taxes targeted at small businesses.

The Biden White House is still new, with just under one year under its belt, and already they have turned America into a shadow of its former self.

Author: Steven Sinclaire