Biden Allows Chinese Military To Humiliate America Like Never Before

In a very unexpected development that nobody could have predicted — actually just kidding; a semi-well-informed child could have predicted this one — lawmakers in Tajikistan said this week that China would create a new $10 million military facility and base on that country’s border with Afghanistan.

Tajik officials said the base would be for Tajikistan, and not to China, and hold Tajik troops.

The Tajik leaders then went off to sell some other snake-oil.

As was reported by Radio Free Europe, the announcement comes after years of speculation that China was secretly operating a base in Tajikistan. The report cited leaked diplomatic messages. So there is the truth — finally known to the public. How could we let this happen, you ask? Joe let it happen.

Before we go on, why not take a look at the map below and the spot where the “Tajik” military base will be.

While Tajik leaders have expressed worries about the Taliban’s Afghanistan takeover, China has given support for the most brutal terror groups on the planet. Foreign Minister Wang Yi met with top Taliban officials recently and accepted a variety of trade agreements allowing the group to export their marble, pistachios, and other native products into the Chinese market. Joe Biden allowed this to happen.

No nation, including Tajikistan or China, has officially recognized the Taliban as the rightful government of Afghanistan — although I do question the idea of Biden becoming the first to recognize the terror group that he helped come back into power.

Abdurahman Alamshozoda, Tajikistan’s First Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, said that Tajikistan would not have control of the site until China was done with the “outfitting” of the base, according to news reports, but emphasized that the base would be operated by Tajik soldiers, and not Chinese, outpost once done. Uh-huh, of course it will.

Another Tajik leader, Tolibkhon Azimzoda, said this week that the two nations agreed on going forward with the project “during the Taliban’s Afghanistan takeover and increasing security threats along the nation’s border.” What might go wrong? Joe Biden let this happen.

Actually, pretty much everything going wrong in the world — at least inside America — from the open border crisis to the rampant inflation crisis to the jobs crisis to the ongoing supply chain problems, to the complete economic collapse, all of them can be summed up: Joe Biden did them all.

Author: Scott Dowdy