Biden Caught In Horrific Lie About Texas Assistance

Biden was caught lying about providing assistance to Texas, as reports have discovered he failed to help the state for five days.

“So we will sign that declaration once I have it, and hopefully it will bring a lot of relief to the people in Texas,” Biden said.

Despite Biden’s promises, Texas leaders have said he only sent relief to 77 out of the 254 counties in the state. Biden also refused a request from Governor Abbott for a larger statewide emergency declaration, leaving most Texans alone in the face of widespread power outages.

“First, we will not stop until Texas has all of its power generation restored and is fully prepared so we never experience this again,” Abbott stated. “In regard to how this will be funded, there are many options. But we need to figure out our strategy first.”

Reports say the lackluster federal aid is focused on the areas of Austin, Houston, and Dallas. The White House and FEMA have not explained their approach to helping Texas.

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