Biden Caught With ‘Smoking Gun’ — He Can’t Slither Out Of This One

Now that Biden has started pretending that there’s no border crisis, it’s important to go back and look at how he manufactured the chaos. And now we have the smoking gun.

The Border Patrol has been prevented from speaking to the media, according to reports, but the American people know what is happening.

And Joe Biden has left more than a few bread crumbs in his record for us to get to one inescapable conclusion: He created this problem.

As Senator Ted Cruz highlighted in his great Twitter thread below, old Biden promised to NOT deport illegals. He even promised to welcome them, give them health care, and free money from the stimulus bill.

Here he is calling for illegals to be turned free inside our borders and for them to get taxpayer money.

Here’s Biden promising to not deport anyone for the initial 100 days of his term as well as vowing to stop illegal detention. This means doing what extreme liberal rioters demand, removing ICE.

And here we see candidate Joe Biden pledging to end detentions and deportations.

Here’s candidate Joe Biden vowing to give all benefits citizens have, along with amnesty to all illegals coming across the border.

This is all what you should call evidence that he has invited this illegal movement which is overwhelming our southern border right now.

And the next piece of evidence is what you call a smoking gun.

Here’s Biden in a debate, calling for a “SURGE TO THE BORDER” if he wins office.

The NY Post reports that President Biden’s own DHS director labels what is happening the worst wave at the border he has seen in 20 years. Joe Biden the candidate demanded a surge, and Joe Biden the president got one. The question is, how does this help American citizens?

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