Biden Changes US Healthcare Forever — And Not For The Better

While President Biden claims he has not seen evidence that unemployment is keeping people from returning to work, he changed his view during comments at the White House on Monday.

“We are going to ensure anyone getting unemployment who is offered a job will take the job or lose their benefits,” Biden stated.

“The Department of Labor will recommit to their longstanding requirements to ensure everyone, including employers, workers and states understands the rules for UI benefits. This clarification will aid everyone in a return to work. The Secretary of Labor will give a letter to states to recommit that people getting UI may not keep receiving benefits if they turn down a job because of a non-specific concern about coronavirus,” the White House said in their “fact sheet” after Biden’s comments. “Also, the President is ordering the Secretary of Labor to partner with states to reinstate requirements for UI recipients, if safety and health conditions allow.”

President Biden’s comments come after a terrible jobs numbers that were published last week. They were so bad, CNBC had to double checked them to make sure there wasn’t a mistake.

Author: Scott Dowdy