Biden Conspires With Liberal Media To Silence Conservatives

A recent NY Times article suggests that “experts” are pushing for President Biden to install a “reality czar” to fight what they call disinformation.

“Several officials have recommended that the Biden White House create a cross-agency group to battle disinformation and extremism, which would have something like a ‘reality czar’ for a leader” writer Kevin Roose said in his article titled “How The Biden Administration Can Fix Our Reality Crisis.”

Roose admitted the plan sounds “dystopian” but said readers should listen anyway.

Renee DiResta, a disinformation researcher at Stanford in what they call their Internet Observatory, is quoted inside the article saying a “centralized force” could be useful to crack down conspiracies. DiResta argued that agencies like the FEC and CDC could use one large conspiracy task force rather than combating election and coronavirus conspiracies separately.

“If they go it alone, you run the risk of missing certain connections, both in the content and in terms of the tactics they use for their campaigns,” DiResta said.

Other ways to fight “misinformation” mentioned in the article include “auditing” social media algorithms and passing federal programs referred to as “social stimulus.”

“I’ve spent the past years talking about our reality crisis, and I stress that unless Biden treats disinformation and conspiracy theories as immediate threats, our two universes will only separate further, and the potential for violent unrest will only increase,” Roose wrote.

The news piece also quotes a researcher at Harvard who created the idea of a “truth commission,” like the 9/11 commission, in order to investigate the violent events on Capitol Hill.

The column was hit with immediate criticism on social media, with many showing concern about the government having such power.

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