Biden Cornered — Finally Spills The Beans On China

The Senate has unanimously agreed to a bill put forth by Republican Senators Josh Hawley (MO) and Mike Braun (IN) forcing President Biden to declassify intelligence about possible links between the Chinese Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) and the coronavirus pandemic.

“Americans deserve to know how this horrible pandemic started and what China’s role was,” Hawley said.

Hawley, who first urged an investigation into China’s part in the pandemic in March 2020, noted that there is increasing speculation from officials about the possibility of the virus coming from the WIV.

“Well, I believe it is time that Americans get to decide for themselves. It is time that they see the evidence that their government has collected on this issue,” he said.

Braun said his support for the bill “an easy decision.”

He highlighted a Wall Street Journal article that claimed three scientists from WIV got sick in November 2019, so sick that they went to the hospital for help.

“The intel. communities in our own nation are keeping information that must be revealed to the public. It must be shown to everyone so they can make sense of what has happened,” Braun said.

“Who would disagree with transparency?” Braun said. “It makes total sense.”

The bill must be passed by the House before being sent to President Biden.

The bill’s overwhelming support in the Senate came one day after President Biden ordered U.S. intelligence agencies to perform a 90-day investigation into if Covid came from the WIV, after his team said for weeks they would defer to the WHO for such an investigation.

Democrats and media figures had previously slammed Trump for saying the virus came from the Wuhan Virus Institute, accusing him of being racist and wanting to avoid blame for the virus handling in the U.S.

Author: Blake Ambrose