Biden Demands His Wishes Be Fulfilled — Or Else

President Biden is withholding aid from Ukraine that was already approved by Congress during Russian military maneuvers near its borders.

Biden will only give $125 million to Ukraine in 2021, although Congress already approved a $275 million program. Biden Administration officials say that $150 million of that money will be withheld until the country performs the reforms that the President is requesting.

Last year, Trump was impeached and acquitted after a debunked accusation that he withheld aid from Ukraine. Meanwhile, some are claiming that Russia’s military is preparing for a new incursion into Ukraine.

“America is trying to push Ukraine into war…such a war should be limited because America tends to always keep its risks low., said Aleksey Podberezkin, leader of the Center for Military Studies in Moscow. “They will not engage directly, but this is among their techniques to collapse a country and make the leaders hand over that country’s sovereignty.”

President Trump gifted Ukraine $415 million in 2019, which included weapons that could arguably deter Russian forces.

Meanwhile, President Biden is ignoring a push to accept Ukraine into NATO, although such a pledge was made in 2008.

Author: Steven Sinclaire

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