Biden Desperately Tries To Escape Blame For Inflation — It Isn’t Going Well

Pres. Joe Biden plans to blame companies for higher inflation and rising prices this week, as his poll numbers continue to take a dive.

The pres. has scheduled a speech about the economy and “reducing prices for Americans” at the White House this week, before he departs for his Thanksgiving vacation in Nantucket, MA.

The Washington Post reveals the Washington is weighing a plan to put blame on businesses for increasing prices on customers, accusing them of taking in record profits at the same time.

It isn’t clear how far Joe Biden will go to put all the blame for record setting inflation on American businesses, but it is part of a growing trend.

President Biden already blamed the meat processors for increasing prices on meat. He also raised concerns about oil companies creating higher costs of gasoline. He then accused businesses of failing to move goods from shipping docks fast enough, blaming them for the issues regarding the supply chain.

“If the private sector doesn’t step up, we are going to ask them to act,” he cautioned in October.

But inflation is continuing to rise at a record pace. In Oct., inflation drove prices of consumer products up by the most in thirty years.

The pres. has also tried to team up with a few large retailers to let Americans know that there won’t be shortages of goods during the holidays.

“Target and Walmart have made public today what they informed me of about a week ago: that they are stocked up for this holiday season, they are stocked up on products, and they will have all the food, toys, and other items that shoppers are trying to find in the holiday season,” Pres. Biden stated at an event in Detroit last week. “That is going to happen.”

But Washington remains unprepared to handle increasing inflation on Biden’s watch.

Sixty-two percent of voters in America, including 41 percent of Dems, blame Pres. Biden for rising inflation according to a servey in Oct., as the White House is continuing to struggle with the messages it puts out on the issue.

In July, Joe Biden dismissed inflation as just a temporary problem but finally acknowledged it was an issue about two weeks ago.

“Everything from a loaf of bread to a gallon of gas costs more,” Pres. Biden stated at an event in Baltimore. “And it is worrisome, even though wages in America are going up.”

Author: Blake Ambrose