Biden Desperately Tries To Hide The Fact That He Lied

At a trucking event at the White House this week, President Joe Biden recounted a tale about when he “used to drive a truck.”

“I used to drive a truck,” he revealed in an address outside the White House with two Mack trucks parked behind him. “It’s a long tale, anyway.” 

Over the years, Biden’s statement that he drove a truck has varied.

In July 2021, the president claimed that he “used to drive an 18-wheeler,” though there is no evidence to support it.

Furthermore, he stated in November that he formerly drove a tractor-trailer:

Biden’s statement has been labeled false by both establishment media fact-checkers and others.

Biden clarified more information about his truck driver story this week when he said he had obtained a commercial driver’s license to assist his father, who ran a car dealership:

I remember — I’m going to digress for a moment — I was granted a commercial license because my father owned an automobile business, and I used to have to trek up to Philadelphia from Wilmington to pick up a vehicle that had been ordered. And I needed a license in order to drive it back and forth.

It’s hard to tell what Joe Biden was talking about, but it doesn’t appear he ever held a Class A commercial driver’s license, which is required to operate big semi-trucks or tractor-trailers.

Biden also said he got a summer job as a bus driver in law school, which necessitates a Class B license.

Biden spoke about his experience as a senator riding in the company of a trucker during a truckers’ strike in the 1970s.

“His handle was Big 10,” Biden revealed, telling the tale of when they attempted to park at a rest area on the way to Ohio.

“That was the only woman truck driver I had ever met. She said, ‘This is Big Mama. There’s no room,’” he recalled their conversation on the CB radio at the time.

When the truck driver attempted to inform her that he had a United States senator in the vehicle, she reacted by firing back a wisecrack about having the president in her cab.

“It’ll be etched in my memory forever,” Biden said. “I was a very strong man. Anyway, that was the first woman trucker I met.” 

He also noted that he was disappointed that he would not be able to drive the trucks behind him at the White House.

He added, “I expected to drive one of these things today, but that is yet another story.”

Author: Blake Ambrose