Biden Disses Southerners As ‘Unintelligent’

President Biden said that Georgia must “smarten up” to not lose businesses over its new election security law.

“It is good to see businesses speaking up against these Jim Crow laws that are just antithetical to who we are,” the president said on Tuesday.

“There’s another part to the story though. When these companies move out of Georgia, people who need the help, people earning hourly wages, sometimes get harmed the most,” Biden said.

He said he supports companies that protest the law. “It’s a hard decision for a company to make, I respect them for doing it, and I support whatever decision they make. The best outcome is for Georgia to smarten up,” he said.

Last week, MLB announced it would move its All-Star Game from Atlanta, and before this happened, Biden said he supported players who wanted the game moved.

“I believe these athletes are doing a very good thing. I strongly support them in doing that,” Biden said last week. “People look up to them. They are leaders and the people who are victimized.”

Other corporations put out statements slamming the new legislation, including J.P. Morgan, Delta and Coca-Cola.

Georgia passed sweeping reforms last week that require voter ID for absentee voting instead of relying on signature matching, limited ballot boxes to one per 100,000 voters or one per county and increased early voting days. The legislation also blocked outside groups from giving out food and water to people in line within 150 feet.

The law also gave more election authority to the Republican-controlled state legislature. It now says the General Assembly is to select the leader of the elections board, rather than the board being led by the secretary of state. It also decreases run-offs down to four weeks instead of the previous nine.

Author: Blake Ambrose

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