Biden Doesn’t Get The Response He Hoped For After Going Full Dictator

Republican governors across the country are replying to President Biden’s promise to “get them out of the way” if they go against his new draconian vaccine mandates.

During his White House speech this Thursday, President Joe Biden stated he would use his power to override any Republican governor that refuses to accept his mandates.

“Right now, school officials are attempting to keep kids safe in a pandemic while their governor fights with them and threatens their jobs and incoming. This is like bullying in schools,” Biden stated.

“If they will not help, if they won’t help us stop the pandemic, I will use my ability as the president to move them out of the way,” he said.

Following his speech, certain GOP governors around the country immediately promised a big push back against this dictator like move.

Republican Governor Asa Hutchinson (AK):

“I fully support new efforts to help vaccination rates increase across our country, but the federal government mandates about private businesses are not the correct answer. I have helped protect the freedom of businesses to ask their employees to get vaccinated, and I have been against the government saying businesses must not exercise that freedom. The same idea should protect private sector from overreach that forces them to vaccinate their employees.”

Republican Governor Tate Reeves (MI):

“Biden has no authority to force Americans to inject themselves due to their employment at a business. The vaccine might be life-saving, but this is an unconstitutional move that is terrifying. We are still America, and we still support freedom from tyrants.”

Republican Governor Doug Ducey (AZ):

“This is exactly the sort of big overreach we have tried so to stop in Arizona — now the Biden White House is hammering down against private businesses and the freedoms of citizens in a very dangerous way. This will not stand up in court.”

“This dictatorial way of doing things is wrong, not American and will do a lot more harm than good. How many employees will be displaced? How many children will be kept out of classrooms? How many businesses will get fined? The vaccine should be a personal choice. We will fight back.”

Author: Scott Dowdy