Biden Doubles Down On Maneuver That Could End Democracy

Democrats have renewed their court packing agenda, and blasted the Supreme Court’s last two decisions of their term.

Democrats late this week showed their anger with the Supreme Court’s last decisions of its 20-21 term, saying the justices were doing “great damage” to America’s political system and in certain cases re-igniting their demands to pack the court with liberals appointed by President Joe Biden.

One ruling was regarding a challenge to Arizona voting rules, including a block on ballot harvesting. The other was concerning a California law that forces nonprofit groups to reveal their largest donors to state officials for policing reasons.

The court protected the Arizona policy – which leftists viewed as a voting rights attack and conservatives see as an election security measure – and removed a California law saying that it harmed free speech.

Biden spoke about the Arizona ruling in a comment that was abnormally very critical of the High Court for a current president.

“I am very disappointed in today’s ruling by our Supreme Court that undermines the Voting Rights Act,” Biden said. “In only eight years, the Court has now delivered a heavy blow to two of the top provisions of the ’65 Voting Rights Act – something that required years of struggle to create.”

Democrat House Speaker Pelosi, Calif., said the court’s ruling on the Arizona law is part of an “unprecedented attack against voting rights” from the Supreme Court before she also ripped into the the justices for their California decision.

“The ruling about Americans for Prosperity further hurts our democracy by allowing the ownership of media caused by special interest group money,” Pelosi said. “This dark money censors the opinions of voters and stops passage of bipartisan, commonsense, and better legislation – everything from gun violence prevention and climate change action to LGBTQ equality. It is at its core anti-democratic, and it must not go unanswered.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire