Biden Emails Leak — They’re So Bad, CNN Refuses To Read Them Aloud

During the election, Big Tech attempted to censor news stories that could harm Joe Biden’s chances at becoming president. Twitter even did a site-wide block of a NY Post story about an email found on Hunter Biden’s computer.

The story was very important because it revealed that Joe Biden lied about his awareness of his son’s business associates. But, Twitter prevented the story from becoming well-known during a critical time in the month leading up to the election, saying they did so due to it being “hacked” material, with no evidence that this was true. They then admitted this was a mistake. Facebook also admitted they lowered the distribution of the news story.

But the real question is, did the Biden team ask them to remove the story?

There is a story that came out this week that raises real questions about the influence that team Biden had on Big Tech before the 2020 election to delete things they did not like from social media.

CNN wrote about a “cache of emails” they got detailing discussions between Biden and Facebook, complaining about stuff being posted on the platform including ‘misinformation’ from a Trump-supporting account.

CNN of course spins the emails to put it into the best of light. But the communication it reveals is particularly disturbing, with it being right before the election, and concerning the Biden team being concerned about ‘misinformation.’

But the real question we have for CNN: where is the link to these emails? Why are you describing what the emails are saying, instead of allowing us to see what they really say — what the Biden team was saying to Facebook officials?

I mean it is not like we can trust CNN here, given their past four years of lies. But I am really curious about why they are not revealing these emails? Because I’m willing to bet: there’s more to it than what they are saying and more than just misinformation concerns.

Author: Blake Ambrose