Biden Ethics Document Reveals A $5.1 Million Gotcha

President Biden’s ethics document to the Office of Government Ethics (OGE) leaves out over $5.1 million reported to the IRS.

Biden’s CelticCapri Corporation, according to the OGE filing from the year 2017 to 2020, earned $8,065,464. However, his tax returns from 2017 to 2019 show a revenue of $13,245,535. It is unclear why Biden reported a variance of $5,180,071 to the IRS rather than the OGE.

The discrepancy raises the following question: where did the almost $5.2 million come from?

Joe Biden claimed in April that he didn’t think it was appropriate to make money while in office.

However, emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop appear to show a large amount of money that was transferred to the Biden family using the scion’s shady foreign company.

In 2019, the typical annual income in the United States was $51,916.27.

In 2013, the family secured over $1 billion in funding from the state-owned Bank of China for a private equity firm formed by Hunter. The family also received millions of dollars in taxpayer financing for real estate projects in the Caribbean and while Joe Biden was vice president, they reaped $1.5 billion in government contracts.

According to the Washington Post, members of the family made $4.8 million in profits between 2017 and 2018 from their partnership with a Chinese energy firm after Biden left office.

According to polls, 60% of voters think Hunter sold “access and influence” to Joe Biden. If Joe Biden “secretly participated and facilitated” in the family’s business, 67 percent feel he should be impeached.

This proves that Biden and Democrats are more corrupt than Republicans and that they are NOT the party of poor people as many Americans believe.

This is especially the case in the past ten years. They have become the party of anti-white globalists and open border supporting extremists who want nothing more than to see America, Europe, Canada, and Australia fall to third-world masses.

If conservatives want to fight back we may have to follow their example and play dirty using every tool at our disposal.

Author: Steven Sinclaire