Biden Finally Gets The Police Pushback He’s Always Deserved

The Biden White House’s plans to crackdown on gun crime could “be the most incompetent plan yet., the D.C. Police Union leader said this Wednesday.

Instances of rape, homicide, robbery and assault have jumped in 63 top cities where the city councils have decided to push for budget cuts and carried out restrictions against police depts., Gregg Pemberton said recently.

President Biden announced on Wednesday that his administration will go for the “root sources” behind greater gun violence and other violent actions including putting their focus on how guns are moved and used to conduct crimes, according to a White House spokesperson.

“The Executive Orders revealed today seem to deal with these problems from the viewpoint of gun sales. This could be the most incompetent plan yet., Pemberton said.

In the 63 municipalities where councils have gone for police depts., officers have either quit or retired in record numbers, Pemberton said.

“Police officers are leaving their posts in record numbers and those who remain are being ordered to stop doing their jobs and responsible work that stops criminal activity from growing., Pemberton said.

“The blatantly clear reason for these increases in crime is that attacks against officers who would normally be inside communities stopping violence., Pemberton continued. “These new goals to destroy police make the ‘Ferguson Effect’ seem like child’s play. These exponential increases in crime should now be called the ‘Defund Effect’.”

The Biden White House said it will give local and state governments more funds so more officers can be trained, hired and kept accountable while policing, according to a White House spokesperson. The administration will also try to focus on stopping the movement of guns and investing into community intervention.

“Attempting to solve these issues by getting tougher on the sale of guns is very misguided, and is nothing but a distraction from the clear need to pullback these dangerous anti-police programs., Pemberton said.

Author: Steven Sinclaire