Biden Finds Another Excuse To Target White Americans — Are You Next?

President Biden had a terrible August. His polling went down to their lowest level of his time in office, and much of this was because of his mismanaged withdrawal from Afghanistan.

In an effort to regain the narrative and distract Americans from his Afghan fumble, the Biden White House and liberal media seem to be trying to shift back to who they think is the real enemy…

“White supremacists have shown admiration for what the Taliban did, a worrying thing for United States officials who were grappling with a threat of domestic extremism,” CNN said this week.

For weeks, Americans on either side of the political spectrum were stunned by the videos from the Kabul Airport, resembling the end of the Vietnam war and the Fall of Saigon.

Almost 100 retired military leaders have demanded US Defense Sec. Lloyd Austin and Joint Chiefs Chairman Mark Milley resign for the botched withdrawal by the Biden White House.

All of which has led the Biden team and the liberal media to come back together to remind Americans that far-right people are the true enemy.

John Cohen from the Office of Analysis at the Dept. of Homeland Security was having a conference call last week with certain law police agencies and warned them that white supremacists were “framing the actions of the Taliban as a win,” as reported by CNN, who looked at the transcript of his call.

Cohen warned over the white genocide theory or what he described as “the great replacement theory” that white supremacists believe they are losing control of the nation as immigrants come in by the millions.

“There are worries that those narratives could incite violence directed at immigrants, certain religious communities, or even people who are relocating to the U.S.,” he said.

CNN continued to spread the hype about far-right extremists by mentioning a story from SITE Intelligence Group, a non-government organization run by professional “extremist watcher” Rita Katz.

Katz’s warned that the “far-right group” Proud Boys supposedly said:

“These farmers and not so trained men fought to get back their country from globohomo. They got back their government, installed their chosen religion and executed the dissenters … If white men had the same courage the Taliban had, we would not be ruled over by Jews.”

The story also quotes two anonymous federal officials.

Matt Taibbi summed up his ‘sourcing’ very succinctly:

Author: Blake Ambrose