Biden Finds The One Doctor In The World Who Would Declare Him ‘Fit For Office’

Great news, everybody! Doddering Joe Biden is now officially mentally fit, according to one top “doctor.”

The 79-year-old Democratic president was been cleared by his own wife, “Dr.” Jill Biden, who’s doctorate degree is in education.

This non-science sham degree is easier to get than any real doctorate in science or medicine.

The first lady took to CBS to dismiss the rampant speculation that her mind slip prone husband was not mentally fit enough to be president.

Correspondent Rita Braver said that “there were some recent polls that reveal that many Americans have some concerns about Joe Biden’s mental fitness. … So, what is your reply to that?”

A defensive Jill Biden scoffed, “I think that is ridiculous!”

Predictably, the CBS reporter did not follow up and instead went into a softball interview, even with millions of people being legitimately worried about Joe Biden’s worsening mental sharpness.

According to a new Morning Consult survey done in November, a large 48 percent of respondents disagreed with the comment that “Joe Biden is mentally fit.”

This assessment comes as Joe’s poll numbers continue to fall during multiple crises he has created with his destructive policies.

On inflation — which has gone beyond the covid pandemic as the nation’s number 1 concern — Biden has a terrible 28 percent approval number, according to an ABC survey published last week.

A whopping 69 percent of Americans asked disapprove of how Joe Biden is dealing with inflation, which went to a 40-year high in Nov.

Many economists say that raging inflation is not really “transitory” — as the Joe Biden White House has repeatedly promised — and instead will be around for another year at least, if not longer.

This is horrible news for the Dems’ flailing election numbers and for normal Americans, who are struggling to pay their grocery bills, heating costs and gas prices.

Also, the CBS puff piece about the Bidens happened only days after a damning CNN report showed that the White House was holding secret meetings with the liberal media to push out positive stories about the White House.

The catastrophic year of the Joe Biden White House has proven that with Dems in control of the government, things will continue to get worse. So prepare as we go into Year 2.

Author: Scott Dowdy