Biden Folds To Republican Heavyweights – Nixes Plan To Pay Off Illegals

President Joe Biden has reportedly backed down from a plan that would have paid $450,000 to nearly 1,000 illegal aliens – rewarding them for entering the country illegally.

The plan faced which consisted of tax-payer funded payments to illegals received a massive amount of backlash from the GOP and the general American public as soon as reports leaked that the administration was flirting with the idea.

For months, Biden’s Departments of Justice (DOJ), Homeland Security (DHS), and Health and Human Services (HHS) were in settlement talks with border crossers represented by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), who claim they have suffered trauma as a result of former President Trump’s Zero Tolerance policy.

Now, ACLU attorneys involved with those talks have told the Wall Street Journal that the Biden administration has dropped the settlements previously considered to be upwards of $450,000 per border crosser, totaling roughly $1 billion in American taxpayer money and more than was given to the American victims of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

“Amid political outcry from Republican lawmakers, after the settlement talks were reported, the government told outside negotiators the number would need to be lowered,” The Journal reported. “This week, the lawyers say, the Justice Department pulled out of negotiations entirely.”

Instead, the DOJ will litigate the border crossers’ claims individually. ACLU attorney Lee Gelernt told the Journal, “We are hardly naive that politics sometimes plays a role in Justice Department decisions, but it is shameful that it happened when the lives of little children are at stake. History will not look kindly on the Biden administration’s decision not to stand up for these small children.”

Justice Department spokeswoman Dena Iverson said that the Biden administration still remained “committed to engaging with the plaintiffs and to bringing justice to the victims.”

In the settlement talks, about 940 illegal alien families had filed claims against the federal government and each was asking for an average of $3.4 million as a result of their being subjected to the Zero Tolerance policy.

As Breitbart News recently reported, the talks had stalled as a result of massive public outcry with polls showing overwhelming opposition to the payouts.

Approximately 63 percent of Americans expressed opposition to the payouts according to CBS News/YouGov pollsters. That number included 64 percent of swing voters, and even 4-in-10 voters who supported Biden against Trump in the 2020 presidential election.

Polls from Rasmussen Reports and the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) showed similar results where a majority of Americans, including likely swing voters, opposed the payouts.

Meanwhile, Angel Families — a term used for those whose loved ones were killed by illegal immigrants or cartel drugs – slammed the payouts as “a plan to create millionaires out of over 5,000 illegal alien families.”

“None of these illegal aliens deserve anything more than a removal back to their country of origin,” Angel Families with Advocates for Victims of Illegal Alien Crime (AVIAC) wrote in a statement. “… what does the government owe the families who have been victimized by illegal aliens, often forever?”

Author: Tim Ellis