Biden Gets A Not-So-Subtle Warning From America’s Governors

President Biden had a meeting with multiple governors this week to discuss issues including covid-19. The group of Republicans and Democrats told him they believed the time was here to “move away from the covid pandemic.” GOP Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson said they asked Joe Biden “to give clear guidelines on getting back to greater normality” and they wanted to “join with the White House” to “get past the pandemic.” Joe Biden’s response? “We have got a way to go.” So in other words, no dice.

It is only one of the places where he seems to be going against reality and what is happening in the world. But just like everybody else, the governors are not happy with him either. Some of these governors gave Biden a failing or bad review, and a generous “D,” when they graded his presidential performance.

“The group mentioned a lack of communication, financial inflation, and a ruined but long overdo withdrawal from Afghanistan,” Fox Carolina said.

But it is not hard to see why his communication could be bad when he looks to be confused again. Recently, during his new speech about cancer he once again had a creepy whispering spell.

I am not sure what he was attempting to say there. But why can’t his people tell him that seems so creepy?

“It is bold,” Biden said about their new effort to lower cancer. “It is ambitious. But very doable. Just as we harnessed the ability to create cutting-edge, COVID-19 treatments, we will bring a fierce urgency to the fight to end cancer.”

“We” did not create the COVID vaccines, President Trump did. And if Biden cannot even deal with COVID, how will he deal with cancer, which he also pledged to cure?

But at the end of his comments, Biden seemed not to be certain which way he was meant to exit. He also forgot to put his mask back on, once again not doing his “patriotic duty.” He shook everybody’s hand, but forgot about the whole bumping elbows idea. He had to be reminded by Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) to use his mask.

Author: Blake Ambrose