Biden Gets Blasted For Supporting Terrorists

On Wednesday, Senator Ron Johnson blasted the Biden administration for failing to provide adequate support to Ukraine before Russian President Vladimir Putin commenced his brutal, unprovoked attack upon the sovereign nation.

During an appearance on Fox News, Johnson was asked whether or not he had any advice for Vice President Kamala Harris, who is currently preparing to fly to Europe to show ostensible solidarity with Ukraine.

In response, Johnson remarked, “it’s kind of too late to do it the right way, which would have been ‘quietly,'” the senator remarked during his “Fox & Friends” appearance.

“We should have been funneling lethal defensive weaponry into Ukraine as Russia was building up,” Johnson continued, adding that such efforts might have, “again, hopefully [changed] Putin’s calculation.”

Given that the Biden administration bungled the opportunity to support Ukraine properly, Johnson now advocates providing support to Ukraine “overtly,” especially since “Putin, a tyrant on the rise, [is] now a war criminal … brandishing about his weapons.”

In essence, the Republican senator expects little, or “not … much” from Harris’s useless appearance in Europe.

Recalling that Harris was unable to handle the U.S.-Mexico border, which “has been a complete fiasco,” Johnson noted that it is unlikely for Harris to engender much, if any, substantive improvements in the situation by making a brief, taxpayer-funded appearance in Europe.

“All these policies, decisions have weakened America,” Johnson declared, “it’s emboldened our enemies, it’s basically tempted tyrants to take advantage of the situation.”

One of the biggest ways in which the Biden administration has emboldened enemies has been through revisiting the Iran Nuclear Deal, which former President Trump wisely undermined.

Given that Iran has routinely not held up its end of the bargain, the nuclear deal should have been abandoned; however, Biden has recently reopened talks in the hopes of obtaining short-term oil, in spite of serious long-term risks.

Even worse, Russia is calling the shots in the negotiation.

“[Biden is] not negotiating with Iran. Russia is negotiating for us with Iran,” Johnson remarked in disbelief, “do you think … Russia [potentially] perceives a little weakness in the fact that we’re letting them negotiate the Iran nuclear deal with Iran?”

“This is absurd,” Johnson declared.