Biden Gets Stonewalled By His Own Party

Senator Joe Manchin has officially sealed shut the fate of the “For the People Act,” a far-left takeover of the nation’s election system. Democrats tried to codify things such as ballot harvesting, universal mail-in voting, and no voter ID after states temporarily used such measures during the pandemic.

Manchin’s op-ed article has made it clear that he is not just going to deal with the filibuster, but that he is also saying outright no on HR1, saying that he believes such a partisan bill might only further erode the nation. This is certainly a correct notion.

Manchin placing this decision on the ground has liberals going completely insane, which of course is expected. Now, their Civil War is turning hot. Congressman Mondaire Jones of New York said that Manchin was guilty of codifying Jim Crow.

There are some things that are important to note here, starting with Jones’ comparison being historically stupid and showing the type of mindset he and other liberals operate under.

Nothing about voter ID is connected to Jim Crow. Voter ID is not racist. Preventing three months of early voting is not racist. To say otherwise is moronic.

It’s also offensive. Remember the insanity after Marjorie Taylor Greene made a comparison between mandatory masks and the Holocaust? We went through week-long news about how terrible Republicans are.

Now we have a Democrat comparing Georgia’s ballot and early voting deadlines to poll taxes and lynchings. It is very offensive to those who really lived through Jim Crow. Nothing in America today is Jim Crow, and this comparison should not be made.

But you will not ever see the mainstream media attack Jones as they attacked Greene, because they are completely aligned with the Democrat Party. Hell, Biden himself made the Jim Crow connection without any criticism from people outside conservative media.

Congressman Jamaal Bowman also tore into Manchin, saying he was a stooge for corporate interests (as if large corporations are not left-leaning).

The Democrat party cannot be held together. The radicals have seized power, either through proxy, and the more things go left, the more the group splits. While they are silent, there are still liberals who are more in the center. Manchin, though he is a rare type, is actually more representative of how people think he is.

Democrats will rip themselves apart, and I am going to be sitting here with my popcorn.

Author: Steven Sinclaire