Biden Gives Up At The Border — Puts Someone Even Worse In Charge

VP Kamala Harris, whom Biden has asked to now lead the current border crisis, once said she approved of making illegal crossings legal and got pushback in 2018 when she said ICE was like the KKK.

President Biden on Thursday has appointed Harris as head of his team’s efforts to solve the flood of illegals that is straining the capacity at border facilities. “When she talks, she talks for me,” Biden said Thursday.

Harris will be the diplomatic liaison in discussions with Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras on how to solve the source of the surge.

Harris has been slammed by critics for flip-flopping on illegal crossings.

During a primary debate, she was among the candidates who said yes when asked if the candidates wanted to decriminalization illegal crossings. When Megan McCain brought the issue back up on “The View,” Harris denied it happened, although she did state that the law should not be criminally enforced.

“I would not have it be punishable with jail time. It should be a civil issue, not a criminal issue,” she said.

Harris sparked outrage in 2018 when she tried to get former ICE Director Ronald Vitiello to compare the organization to the KKK.

“Do you understand that many people see the discretion and power at ICE being used to selectively enforce laws and do you see any similarity to the KKK?,” she asked.

“Are you aware some people believe that ICE is using its power to cause fear, especially among immigrants from Central America and Mexico?” she said.

Author: Scott Dowdy

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