Biden Guts The American Economy In The Worst Way Possible

Up, up and you still have to pay. The avg. price for regular-grade gas in the United States at the pump increased a whopping 79 cents over the last two weeks alone to hit a new record of $4.43 per gallon.

That is 32 cents over the last all-time high of $4.11 that was set in July 2008.

Trilby Lundberg, Industry analyst of the Lundberg Survey has said this week the new price of gas is still a ways away from the inflation-adjusted record high price of about $5.24 a gallon.

The price at the gas pump is $1.54 over what it was just a year ago, with a lot of consumers pointing directly at Pres. Joe Biden and his terrible policies.

Stickers depicting a smiling Joe Biden with a pointed finger that’s captioned “I did that!” are springing up at gas pumps throughout the nation as pockets of the working-class Americans are continuing to feel the economic strain.

Lundberg expects gas prices to remain high in the near term as crude oil costs skyrocket amid global supply concerns after Russia’s war started with Ukraine.

The Biden administration is desperate to put the blame for high gas prices in the U.S. squarely on Russian Pres. Vladimir Putin while continuing to ignore the all-around effects of Bidenflation.

The Biden administration has brought Americans the worst inflation that they have seen in over 40 years, far outpacing the increased wages as more and more critics keep noting:

“This is a Pres. Putin spike at the gas pumps, not one started by our sanctions,” White House media secretary Jen Psaki argued last week.

Nationwide, the highest avg. price for regular-grade gasoline is in the San Francisco Bay region, at $5.79 a gallon. The lowest avg. is in Tulsa, Oklahoma, at $3.80 a gallon.

According to the survey, the avg. price of diesel has also spiked, which is up $1.18 over two weeks, to $5.20 per gallon. Diesel costs about $2.11 more than it did one year ago today.

Author: Steven Sinclaire