Biden Hammered By Petroleum Institute – Things Will Only Get Worse

The American Petroleum Institute’s (API) president and CEO revealed that the Biden administration is in fact a key factor in the surging energy prices facing Americans today – warning that with the winter months approaching, things could get much worse.

API is a national trade association representing America’s oil and natural gas industry.

“Certainly one of the key factors is that the Biden administration has made an effort to reduce production in the United States,” Mike Sommers said during an interview with Fox News.

Energy prices saw a 4.8% surge last month alone and were up 30% over the past year, according to the consumer price index.

The API president explained that cutting off the Keystone XL Pipeline, leasing and permitting on federal lands, and access to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska, have been consequential for the price of energy. These policies were enacted as part of Biden’s climate change initiative.

Sommers added that he is concerned prices will continue to be high “particularly going into the winter months when consumers are using more natural gas to heat their homes.”

The Energy Information Administration warned the cost of heating oil is expected to rise approximately 43% compared to last year due to “higher expected fuel costs as well as more consumption of energy due to a colder winter.”

The agency further expects that “nearly half of U.S. households that heat primarily with natural gas will spend 30% more than they spent last winter on average.”

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm also said during CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday that Americans should expect to pay higher costs for heating this winter.

“We have the same problem in fuels that the supply chains have, which is that oil and gas companies are not flipping the switch as quickly as the demand requires,” Granholm said.

But, Sommers told Fox News, “when the administration is continually putting forward new proposals to limit production in the United States, American oil and gas companies are cutting back on production.”

Granholm told CNN host Dana Bash: “the president is all over this” and “looking at all of the tools he has” to address high gas prices.

Sommers also pointed out how Biden’s policies have eradicated America’s energy independence, warning that being dependent on other countries for our oil and gas is extremely dangerous.

“We have been able to limit the amount of dependence that we’ve had on foreign countries for our oil and gas over the course of the last decade.” Sommers said he believes Biden has started to reverse that trend and “we need to continue development in the United States, rather than being dependent on other countries for American energy.”

To make matters worse, the Biden administration is also reportedly floating a plan to shut down yet another American pipeline, a move which Jason Hayes, the director of environmental policy at the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, labeled as “just one more example of being divorced from reality.”

“They’re planning to power an industrial nation like the United States on solar panels and wind turbines,” Hayes said, while noting that even the solar panels and wind turbines require “oil, natural gas, nuclear and even coal” to be produced.

Author:Lewis Javon