Biden Has The Worst Week Of His Miserable Presidency

Imagine how it feels to be Joe Biden. Apart from the overall confusion, and complete lack of self-awareness. You first ran for president almost 35 years ago. You got through eight years as Barack Obama’s number two. Then Joey from Scranton finally achieved your goal. The brass ring is finally yours.

And you flushed it all away in under 12 months.

We have been there at every disastrous moment. From Joe’s approval rating first going under 50 percent, to less than four in ten Americans giving the thumbs up for his job performance, to the mainstream media desperately attempting to prop up his presidency, Biden’s fall from grace has been precipitous — and it has been obvious since day one:

Joe Biden was never meant to be president of this country.

Now comes the grim news that Joe Biden’s new dramatic lowering in a crucial demographic is probably his biggest blow yet: his approval rating from independent voters went down by eight points in only one week, based on what a new Marist poll found.

PBS reports:

“Maybe the most alarming fall for the Biden White House going into the midterms is Biden’s support among independents.”

“Two-thirds of independents now disapprove of Joe Biden, including half of them who strongly disapprove. Both numbers are up around 30 points since he entered the White House.”

“Only 29 percent of independents now approve of his performance.”

Biden’s new numbers are terrible all over the board, as reported by PBS — and they could not be falling even faster.

“Overall, over half – 55 percent – of Americans now disapprove of Joe Biden’s performance, including around 44 percent who would strongly disapprove.”

“His disapproval numbers have gone up 20 points since he entered office, getting to a record high just this month.”

“The number who would strongly disapprove went up 6 points since the Marist poll from one week earlier.”

Along party lines, 95 percent of GOP members say they disapprove of Joe Biden’s job performance, and while he gets support from 87 percent of Dems voters, his disapproval rate among Dems has gone up by seven points since he entered office.

Author: Steven Sinclaire